Design Challenges

Like most RPGs, Long Gone Days has a wide variety of systems, including dialogue, battle, pause menus and others, so designing interfaces was a major challenge, especially due to the large amount of information that had to be presented.

Our goal was to display the information in an attractive way without overwhelming the player, showing only what was necessary, and taking into account the limitations of the different types of controls our players can use.


Art & Sound Direction | UI/UX Design | Animation | Trailers
NOTE: The entire game was developed by a 3-person team, so every art and design-related decision was my responsibility.

Camilo Valderrama (Programmer), Pablo Videla (Game Designer & Co-Writer) and me (Artist & Co-Writer)

UI/UX Design


Dialogue System

Long Gone Days is a game with a strong focus on narrative and characters, so it was important that the typography was easy to read, of a comfortable size and accompanied by portraits to emphasize the emotions of the characters.


Battle System

Long Gone Days uses a turn-based frontal battle system, with cut-ins for the skills of both party members and bosses, as well as a variety of VFX and fully rendered backgrounds.

Character Design



Want to know more?

Besides designing all those interfaces, one of the biggest challenges was to define the visual style of Long Gone Days! You can read more about it in this article I wrote here:

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