Nanopesos was developed during the first few weeks of the 2019 Chilean protests, at a time when the minimum wage was approximately $400 USD.

Its purpose was not to debate whether or not it was possible to live on the minimum wage, but to portray the cost and the consequences of living that way, without resorting to extreme situations.


Artist | Writer | Developer
NOTE: Nanopesos was a solo project. However, a lovely group of volunteer translators helped me localize the game, and they are credited here.

The development of Nanopesos took about 2 weeks, but about one month passed from the time the first idea was conceived to the time it was finally released.


On release

Spreading the Message

As soon as it was released, Nanopesos appeared on every major national newspaper, online and print, some tv channels, and lots of people shared it with their friends and family.

200000 +

Players in its first two weeks
Premios Literarios

First Game to Win a Literary Award in Chile!

At the end of 2020, Nanopesos was awarded the Literary Award ("Premios Literarios") from the Ministry of Culture of Chile, marking a milestone as the first videogame in our country to win it, paving the way for more games to apply the following years.

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